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All homemade burgers served with the following:

An oven toasted bun topped with Spring mix, sliced tomato, onion and pickle. Comes with choice of fried or house salad.

Smoke House Burger

Sauteed onion and bacon in BBQ sauce with cheese stuffed into an original recipe burger!

Cajun Chicken Burger

Best chicken burger in the city! A grilled Cajun Chicken breast with melted cheese.

Veggie Burger

A vegetarian delight! Grilled to perfection topped with the perfect mix of veggies. Try this burger we guarantee you will like it!

Southwest Explosion Burger

Roasted jalapenos and bacon mixed with Monterey jack cheese stuffed into a 6oz beef patty.

Original Cheese Burger

A homemade 6oz beef patty served with melted cheese.